Badgers and Development

Although it is clear that, over the past few years, the rate of building and expansion of towns and cities in Scotland has slowed down, there are still regular problems which are encountered when badgers and development come into conflict. In many cases, with judicious planning, and early engagement with stakeholders, these problems should not be insurmountable.

No matter if you are building houses, factories, roads, wind farms or carrying out agricultural or forestry operations, if a badger sett is causing problems, then advice is available on how to deal with it. It is not possible to give general advice, as what may be valid in one set of circumstance may not apply in another. In almost all cases resolutions can be found to reduce the impact and allow development or other lawful operations to take place. Many of the issues surrounding badgers and badger setts relate to the welfare of the animals and the sustainability of any particular social group of badgers. Well thought-out and planned mitigation, linked with badger protection plans, can prevent delays and reduce any financial implications.

In the first instance seek advice from your local planning department or Scottish Natural Heritage office.


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