Scotland’s badgers are the most protected badgers in the UK. Through changes to the law in 2004 & 2011 a much wider culpability was introduced and if you have to deal with badgers or their setts you should become familiar with the law relating to them. You can download a copy of The Protection of Badgers Act.

The law is quite clear. It is an offence intentionally or recklessly to:-

  • kill, injure, take, possess or cruelly ill-treat a badger or to attempt to do so
  • interfere with a sett by damaging or destroying it
  • obstruct access to, or any entrance of, a badger sett
  • disturb a badger whilst it is occupying a sett
  • cause a dog to enter a sett
  • sell a live badger or offer one for sale or possess a live badger
  • be in possession or control of a dead badger or anything derived from a dead badger

or to attempt to do any of these things. Often people take the law into their own hands when a badger becomes a nuisance but the law clearly allows for certain actions to be carried out under licence. In these instances the correct advice should be sought.


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